Breach Of Contract, Selectcore Ltd.

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Breach of Contract-

This Was a Business Joint Venture Agreement Pursuant to the laws of the Province of Ontario.They are a Public Traded Company on TSX refused to perform as promised and prevented me and my company from fulling obligations.

This was a legally binding agreement contract that was valid with attorneys and witness testimonies.

I performed as agreed, kept up my end of the deal, they left contractual obligations unfulfilled and performed in an unsatisfactory manner causing great loss and sacrifice.I not only lost my company but my career of almost 10 YEARS I have never had to go through something like this ever.

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Unsubstaniated smear campaign that this particular person/group has been plastering on any website they can find.

As Mike Moore rents camping spots to campers for a living not sure how this relates to Selectcore. Maybe a stock shorting scam?

Mike, would you care to elaborate?

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